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Established in 1969, the Ohio County Historical Society opened its museum in 1972. Housed in a 19th century plow factory, most of the contents have been donated by Ohio County residents, their families, and friends. Displays focus on the 1800's and early 20th century life and events. Included in the displays is an AUTO-HARP, the first coin-operated music player.

The best known item in the collection is the racing boat, HOOSIER BOY, famous raceboat of the early 1900's. The boat holds the record between Cincinnati and Louisville, round trip, at 60 mph. It was designed, built and raced by J. W. Whitlock of Rising Sun.

On October 5, 2003, the HOOSIER GIRL, the sister boat to the HOOSIER BOY, came home.  The HOOSIER GIRL was built in the 1940s after the first one (built 1908) sunk in the early 1940s.  She is an exact duplicate of the original boat.

The Ohio County Historical Society Museum has the finest historical collection in southeastern Indiana.

  Two-Headed Calf!
This two-headed calf was born on an Ohio County farm in June 1989.  Dr. Don Beckett performed the cesarean section and the calf lived for 45 minutes. 

Ohio County Historical Publications

The Ohio Co. Historical Society has published four books pertaining to
OHIO COUNTY history and people. They have been written by County Historian,
Dillon R. Dorrell, who has also been president of the Historical Society for several years. The books are:
Ohio Co. Cemeteries
Ohio Co. Community Story
Mostly About Ohio Co. Folks
Ohio Co. Families of the 1900's

Also available is the book Ohio County, Indiana, written by William J. Dichtl. 
This book features over 180 photographs of Ohio County.

The books are available locally or by mail. The first three books are $15
each and the fourth is $25. Ohio County, Indiana, sells for $19.99. 
Please add 6% tax and $2.50 for shipping of each book ordered.

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